Typological Energy Balancing:
Personalized lifestyle recommendations that Nurture Your True Nature

True & Total HealthNatural & Typological Health shares the common agreement between all the ancient, classical traditional medicines of what is required for True and Total Health as a dynamic state of Being in all levels and layers of your Self.

It also empowers you with the tools that are required to get the most and best out of your Life and your Self so you can reach your fullest potentials. This is your birthright and not a privilege for just a select few.

The basic principles of Natural & Typological Health cover the areas of energy, nutrition, exercise, attitudes, relationships, goals, stress reduction, meditation-prayer-intuition, evaluations and elegant solutions.

Eating Typologically

All humans require variety and all types of foods to insure we are getting the full spectrum of all nutrients. Using Typological foods as medicine is a very effective tool when:

You are “not at home” and want to come back home

You are sick, out of balance or feeling “off center” and want to rebalance

You need a specific type of energy for a specific activity

Typological Energy Balancing takes into consideration more than just nutrition – it feeds and rebalances you energetically, as well as nutritionally.

3-Story-7-Center SimpleYou have three-stories with seven energy centers, and each of them requires a different kind of food.

When you are sick or out of alignment, eating foods that are in alignment with the Essence of your particular energy frequency helps you rebalance and come back home more quickly.

The intention and value of knowing your True Essence type is not to put you in a box – it’s to personalize recommendations to give you the fastest results – because like attracts like, and whatever resonates with your Essence will feed and nurture your Essence.

TEB 2.4 Type by 4Typological Energy Balancing describes the workings of your inner Self and allows you to see more clearly the kinds of choices you have regarding Being the most and best you can Be.

It’s about embracing and learning how to nurture Your True nature with the qualities and activities that support your more natural way of Being.

It shares ways to nurture and nourish your Self with personalized recommendations in a multitude of areas that accord with the specific nature and energy frequency of each type.

Typological Energy Balancing also helps you release judgment of your Self and others. Humans have a tendency to compare ourselves to others and not know or appreciate the unique gifts that we bring to the table; or think that our way is best and not respect other ways.

It helps you see all the parts that go into making the whole – and see the unique value of each part. It allows you to see there are lots of ways of going about doing things, and to respect all types and all ways.

To your True and Total Health!

Celebrity Typologies

Some people have asked me why I’m so interested in Celebrity Typologies? Why does it give me so much enjoyment, fulfillment and inspiration?

Conscious EntertainmentOne student seemed to hit the nail on the head when she described that sometimes the situations in our life feel so heavy, that Conscious Entertainment is an easy way to lighten up and relax from the stress and pressures of life – and still be moving forward or raising our level of consciousness (without doing any work).

As someone who has a tendency to “work hard” at everything I do (throwing my whole heart and soul into whatever I’m involved in), there have been certain junctures in my life when there is no more yang energy to continue “pushing forward” – even if it’s working towards my dreams.

I notice that whenever I run out of energy and hit rock bottom (or am terrorized by my mind’s interpretation of “failure”), that I find myself seeking a reprieve from the negative mind-loops by escaping into some quality entertainment.

That’s one way I use to push the pause button on “thinking” – which gives me a much needed break. My mind becomes absorbed in the story, my emotions calm down, while my awareness is on alert for a message giving me new insight or guidance about my current situation.

Since the physical activity of watching movies is a kind of psychological and spiritual food for me, I choose my entertainment consciously, with the intention to imbibe quality food. An even more enriching experience comes from knowing the typological Essence energies of the actor, director, writer and creator.

Then, as the curtain lifts I’m not only transported along an emotional journey with the unfolding story – but also catapulted into a multi-dimensional experience of watching the interplay of Essence energies.

Conscious Entertainment uses Celebrity and Movie Typologies as a fun and easy way to learn how to read and dance with Essence energy.

To lightening up, dancing & playing with energy,

Enjoy and have fun!